Church of the Week: Ebenezer Baptist Church, Fulton, MO

I had the honor and joy a couple weekends ago of visiting and preaching at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Fulton, Missouri, in the company of my wife, the lovely Robin, and a great crowd of others.
Ebenezer has a long and storied history, dating back to the nineteenth century. The main corridor of the church has a gallery of the church's pastors since its inception. The bottom row far right is my Uncle Walt; the bottom row second from left is his father!
Our morning was delightful--a worship hour that included enthusiastic congregational singing, a trumpet trio, my Aunt Shirley's beautiful and masterful piano playing (that's her at the piano and Uncle Walt, seated). The preaching was subpar, but everyone was gracious and kind to the preacher of the day (me). And it was a true blessing to worship for the first time in decades with my cousins Lynne and Ed, Ed's wife Karen, and some of their children and grandchildren. 

Ebenezer Baptist Church is located at 6841 State Road Z near Fulton, Missouri. 


  1. Who is this? Eddie and Lynn are my cousins. Walter is also my uncle. Wayne Lockhart, Walter's father, is my grandfather. My mom, Ina and Walter are brother and sister.I am curious.

  2. This is my (now dormant) blog: Bob Hostetler. I'm Ed and Lynne's cousin too; Aunt Shirley is my mom's (Millie) sister.