Church of the Week: The Salvation Army, Lewistown, PA

The lovely Robin and I worshiped yesterday with the warm and welcoming people of The Salvation Army corps (church) in Lewistown, PA, led by Captains David and Darlene Means. The chapel, on the second floor, seemed oddly situated in the large building...but that may just have been because we entered through a side door.

Following a large Hostetler/Hochstetler family reunion on Friday and Saturday, we attended in the company of my brother Don and his wife, Arvilla. Don was the guest speaker of the morning and gave a wonderful message from Genesis 18, entitled "Let's Make a Deal."

Families worshiped together. The children were beautifully well-behaved and only added to the community feel of the worship. Prayer requests were shared and prayed for. Singing was exuberant and heartfelt. It was a touching and rewarding time in God's house.

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