The Impossible Mentor

"Nearly everyone is willing to acknowledge Jesus is a worthy role model, but almost no one seriously believes it is possible to live up to his example."

So says Ray Hollenbach in his recent book, The Impossible Mentor: Finding Courage To Follow Jesus. He makes the case that Jesus is not an "impossible mentor," but that anyone can live the Jesus life--if we resign from "the fellowship of low expectations" and instead pursue the presence, grace, and purpose of Jesus in purposeful ways.

The book is divided into three sections: "Four Problems," "Five Answers," and a five-part "Putting the Answers to Work" section. While the Kindle version had some irritating errors (missing words, the repeated use of "it's" instead of "its"), the book was rich in content and helpful in insight and application.

The author lives in central Kentucky, where he served for fifteen years in a pastoral role at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Campbellsville, Kentucky. He now travels and speaks on personal spiritual growth and discipleship. He blogs at

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