Church of the Week: Salvation Army Montclair NJ Citadel Corps

The lovely Robin and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with old and dear friends at The Salvation Army in Montclair, NJ.

The Montclair Corps was our church home from 1987-1991, while we lived in the area. But the place where we worshiped and served was nothing like this!

A new and beautiful facility was completed--on the same site as the previous structure--a few years ago, and it's just beautiful. A highlight of the entryway (above) is a fountain with verses referring to living water.

The Coffee Booth (below) is a warm, versatile cafe setting just off the lobby.

The most distinctive feature of all, however, may be the underground parking garage, an absolute necessity if the corps was to stay in the same location:

The prayer, music, and warmth of the morning's worship service were moving and effective. For both me and Robin, the ministry of band and songsters and Dorothy Post on the piano were an absolute blessing.

Even the youngest folks in the room were attentive:

And the preacher was, well, let's just say everything else was wonderful:

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