Church of the Week: The Salvation Army, Chillicothe, Ohio

Over the course of our recent thirty-fourth wedding anniversary celebration, the lovely Robin and I revisited the site of our wedding ceremony, lo those many years ago. It's the Salvation Army corps (church) in Chillicothe, Ohio, her childhood home.

We were met there by the outgoing corps officers (pastors), who welcomed us so warmly and so very kindly let us roam the scene of the crime--er, the site where we exchanged our vows.

We ascended to the second-floor chapel, and reflected briefly on Robin's memory of falling down the steps as a pre-schooler (maybe these steps, or maybe the steps leading to the basement, which are now blocked off).

This is what we looked like back then, on June 4, 1977. Robin you'll recognize, of course, but I'm the skinny kid standing next to her. No, really. It's me. I kid you not.

And here's the chapel on Monday, June 6, 2011. Jesus still looks on in blessing.

We stopped in the basement room where, something like forty-five years ago or so, Robin knelt at an altar in children's church and prayed to receive Christ--a commitment she's never wavered in since.

Before leaving, we stopped in to the gymnasium where our wedding reception was held (back in the day when a punch and cake reception was more than, those were good days).

What a joy it was to revisit the scene of the--um, joy, on the weekend of our anniversary trip. A beautiful walk down memory lane, and a fun addition to the "church of the week" features here on the Desperate Pastor blog.

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  1. I pastored in Ross County for thirteen years. Knew people from this church.

    God Bless

    Bob Jividen