Sunday Night Rejoicings

What a day! What a privilege is mine! To worship in the church I do!

Today, I worshipped in FOUR celebrations, in three fairly distinct styles. The day started with the debut of PRIME, Cobblestone's brand new 8 am ancient/modern worship service (above). Wow, what a pitch-perfect start to the day: the music, the readings, the prayers, the silence, John's message, it was wonderful! And more than forty people participated. Thanks soooo much to Sharla, John, Johnny, Matt, Julie, Deb, Aaron, Kyle, David, and Guy, who made it all happen.

Then, to worship with Under Cover and about three hundred souls in our 10 and 11:30, just lovely! I know people worship truly in all kinds of styles around the world, and I can worship in a lot of styles....but to be led in vibrant, dynamic music by Under Cover week after week is SUCH a privilege, such a blessing!

And to see people all morning bringing in more and more shoes (above), many of them new, some still in boxes, until they form a mountain of shoes in the atrium! I estimate so far well over three hundred shoes have been donated...maybe many more...and there are still four more weeks to go! Wow!

And then tonight to be led in worship by Kyle and my son Aaron in The Third (above)...oh my! And to sit under Andrew's teaching, drink me some coffee, wow. Just such a great blessing. Such a great day.

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