Michael Hyatt's brand new Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World--also subtitled "A Step-by-Step Guide for Anyone with Something to Say or Sell"--is a great book. Though packed full of information, it is an easy read; I was genuinely amazed at how quickly I got through it. Though I have read Michael Hyatt's blog for some time now, and could of course recognize some content I had come across before, all of it was nonetheless fresh and helpful. And though I have been writing, speaking, and tooting my own horn for a couple decades now, and have thousands of Facebook friends, blog subscribers, and Twitter followers, I learned a lot--as evidenced by the many markers I stuck on pages (see the photo) indicating ideas or suggestions I want to follow up later.

Anyone who plans to publish, speak, or otherwise get a message out (as the subhead says) needs to read this book. It is thorough. It is entertaining. And it is tremendously helpful.

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